I have hardened for a reason.
There is pain inside.
It hurts to let you in.
I’m scared of being seen.
Yet I long for you to see me.

I need to know I’m safe. I need to feel your love.

I’ll never let you hurt me again!
Once upon a grief stricken word she vowed.
Bounds her from within and she’s so lonely.

Harder, faster.
I’m not ready, but I want this.
I’m starving. Starving for connection. I’ll do anything to feel.
Something, anything. More stimulation. More, more, more.
I’m numb.
I can’t feel when I hurt you.
I can’t feel when we’re hurting.

I want you to hurry up.
Be enough already.
Fix it, change it, something’s wrong.
Why are you crying.
What’s wrong with you?
What’s wrong with us?
Where is our humanity?

She is crying.
The goddess is weeping.
See me. Feel me.
All my senses are alive.
I feel it all.
Each moment is enough.
The flow of the tears falls, the fluid of my heart spills over.
You see me, I see you.

Stop spitting me out. Stop overriding me. I am the heart of it all.

You can’t get rid of me.
Without me there is abuse.
Abuse on our planet.
Abuse of ourselves.
When we can’t feel, we create pain.
We project pain.

I want to be known.
I want to love you.
Stop dragging me around.
Stop invalidating me.
Stop telling me I need to change to receive your love.

They got it all wrong.
I am not your weakness.
I am your guide.
Without me, you are lost.

Hold me.
Mother me.
Claim me.
I am your gateway home.
I am the fountain of youth within you.
Let me flow.
Let my beauty be.

Ouch that hurts, but I can’t feel it.
Stop I’m not ready for this. Stop I don’t want this.

Shhhhhhh, I know what’s best for you.
I’m the strong one here.
I have the answers, not you.
What do you know?
You’re just young and naive.
Toughen up princess.
If you want to survive, you need to disappear.
Now let me get on with things.
Business as usual.

And yet, I starve for you.
But what wisdom could you possibly have for me?

The reclaiming of our innocence.
The infinite nature of the soft and powerful heart.
Wisdom of Pandora’s box within you.
This is what I offer.
Dive deep into my waters.
I will bring you wholly back to life.

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