Something I’ve always wanted to write about but been avoiding:

#1- Survivor Girl. She’s 7. Despite her age, she’s a fighter and survivor. What did she survive? A lot. She’s sassy, funny, and smart. She doesn’t easily trust people. She loves to come out and play. She’s very prim and proper.
#2- Protector Girl. She’s 26 and hardly comes out for fun. PG is sarcastic, angry most of the time, and a loner. She enjoys reading. She appears when she feels the need to protect us or when we’re threatened.

I have conversations with them. I negotiate with them. I care about and love them. I used to suppress them but I don’t want to anymore. I’m introducing them because I want people to know they exist within me and I’m proud of them.

In the mind of someone that suffers with multiple trauma, we all generally have not wanted to live with a particular event or set of events; and as a way of coping with the events, our subconscience creates an alter to deal with the event or future events. hence why a lot of people with multiple trauma note that they have severe memory loss, particularly of their childhood.

Why do some people have alters?
People with DID (or multiple traumas [typically, but not necessarily]) tend to go through something or a range of several events that they mentally and/or physically cannot cope with and bury the memories of the events to their subconscience. No matter how much we think we can just ignore something, ignoring it can make it worse (learned this the hard way!).

People naturally have different levels of coping. What may have seemed like hell for one person to go through, might be nothing for another.

Am I afraid of losing friends or followers now that I’ve introduced my alters?
Nope, I give zero fucks! ????

**Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

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