If someone says to me, “you deserve better”, “you’ll be fine”, “other people have it worse than you” or “it takes time” one more time, I might decapitate myself or that person. I’m not sure. I’m undecided.

Firstly, I know I’ll be fine. I know I’ll get over it (not entirely, but I know I will), and I know there are tons of people who are having it far worse than I do, BUT can’t a woman feel crappy – for just a little bit – without being told that in time, she’ll be alright?

Truth be told, at that point, the thought of getting through whatever it is seems like AGONY!

At the point where my heart is shattering to pieces and it feels like it has this bloody anchor tied to it – the last thing I’m looking for is the fucking silver lining, dude!

I’m not Maria; I’m not about to burst into a song and run up and down the hills. If you want to comfort me, let me speak. Let me say why I’m hurting.

Because trust me, I’m just trying to make sense of everything that is going on. And guess what, I’d do the same for you.

And one more thing, emotional pain is relative. So, please stay away from comparing my shit to someone who was abandoned (woops, been there) or abused (yup, been there too) or some orphan, or something to that extent. Don’t guilt me into feeling bad for being emotionally hurt / or in pain.

Here’s the other thing, there is no need to make someone the villain of the piece to make the other person feel better. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Most of the time everyone involved is wrong or had some part to play in the whole thing.

Sometimes in life we mess up on a colossal scale and that’s okay. Having friends and family to lean on is important, but don’t do the name calling. No one likes to see people who they care about hurting.

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