I believe love is about letting go as both of them represent an opposite thing of control and force – trust.

Trust is something that is hard for me to do. It’s because diving into trust opens such wide horizons of freedom. And that’s scary. Exciting but scary at the same time.

Both of them is about growth.
Love is always nurturing, giving and showing (but not forcing) ways of improvement.

I get all the things M has said to me.
About letting go…
I know I’m not able to grow if I don’t know how to let go or don’t want to let go.

Only when I stop holding onto yesterday’s negativity, anger and bad memories,
I am capable of growing and progressing.

The moment when energy blocks are switching to the brand new & fresh opened energy channels.
(and at this moment, I almost vomit because I sound like a hippie).

I keep reminding myself – LET GO.
And not to worry. Because LETTING GO isn’t about forgetting the past, forgetting the beautiful memories I’ve created.

LETTING GO is about the conscious view of seeing them with no destructive, personal, present reaction.

At the end, I still get back to these – not loving myself, refusing to grow and not letting go. Because these are the ones that make it easier for me (but make my life HARDER!).

May I not be seeking for love but looking for and finding all the barriers I’ve built within myself that are against it (and to then, be able to love openly, freely).

And to just keep going and at the same time, letting go… and keep loving myself.

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