Most of us carry so many amazing dreams within ourselves. Dreams that can positively change many lives. Dreams that can make us feel alive and vibrant. Dreams for which we were born.

In recent years, I realise no matter where we are right now in our lives, we know deep inside that we have this unspoken beauty and strength that we wish to express one day. I know everyone feels this way, we / they just don’t talk about it with anyone.

It’s this feeling that makes our heart beat faster. Yet, so many of us struggle to express this inner beauty.

This year alone, I see so much potential in people that I meet, and yet they feel afraid to live their dreams. This is also true FOR MYSELF.

There have been many times that I’ve asked myself why. TOO MANY TIMES.

The answer is FEAR.
Fear of not being understood or rejected by others.
So very often, we let go of our dreams for fear that we will not receive approval, support or love.
It’s even scarier when we think about not receiving approval, support and love from people we love and hold very dear to our heart.

Truth is, it’s quite possible that this may happen.
I’m speaking from experience.
When I started doing the work needed to become more emotionally developed, independent, and the person I’m meant to be, many so-called friends left. When I shared my history with the closest and dearest friends I had, they had nothing to say. In fact, slowly, everyone left me. Without saying goodbye.
It’s as if they vanished in thin air.

It was HARD for me to accept. But guess what? I got through the days and I was alright. So, if you’re going through the same thing, know that it’s going to be okay.

Be with it that those people aren’t meant to stay in your life and they actually keep you down, hold you back.

Don’t let it stop you or you’ll suffer from the biggest pain:
There is a very high price for this and that is:
YOU WILL never ever feel fulfilled and happy.

The only real validation worth pursuing is validation of you for what you do, think, and say.

I learned a lot in these last two years. One of them is NEVER look outside yourself for approval, the true power lies WITHIN YOU. The power of intuition is inherent in you and you can always trust that you’ll make the best decision or choice when you listen closely to yourself.

Be patient and allow time to transform your dreams and ideas into reality without involving other people too much.

My next post will be on why it makes no sense to look for validation from other people than yourself.

I hope this post helps you in some way.

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