If you were in a relationship with yourself (and the way you treat/talk to yourself), would you consider it abusive?

Would you look at yourself and consider it lucky that you have such an amazing partner, or cringe? Cringe, because you know, if you were truly honest, you wouldn’t date yourself.

I spent a large chunk of my life oscillating between deep depression and total highs, harming myself emotionally through it all.

And I still – to this day – have moments when I look at myself and think “you’re too skinny”, “you’re too fat” (my ex actually thought I was fat – go figure), “you’re ugly”, or “you’re stupid”.

You probably know the drill.

What’s strange is that if my partner spoke to me or treated me the same way, my friends would be up in arms screaming “dump his/her narcissistic ass”!

I think, sometimes, we’re so focused on finding love and emotional connections outside of ourselves that we often neglect the single most important person.

The one that you are stuck with for as long as you’re alive on the planet.


For me, it’s become clear that the journey to unleashing more pleasure in my life needs to start with first falling in love with myself and treating myself the way I would want a partner to. And another thing is, to let go of this unrealistic / skewed views of love and relationship that I have.

I hope for those of you reading this and discovering that you are also in an abusive relationship with yourself that this inspires you to focus and prioritise the one person desperate for your love and acceptance ????.

Because if you/your inner child/they don’t deserve your love, how can you possibly deserve anyone else’s?

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